Kevin Smith

Pop culture epicurean and Clerks III chief Kevin Smith has taken a joking jab at fans disappointed with his Masters of the Universe series as of now streaming on Netflix. Smith originally rose to conspicuousness in 1994 by winning the Filmmaker’s Trophy at the Sundance Film Festival with his presentation, black and white comedy Clerks. In addition to his long-running “View Askewniverse” films, which all featuring appearances from the famous couple Jay and Silent Bob, Smith has also loaned his talents to comic-book composing, podcasting, stand-up comedy, and animation.

Right now gearing up to start shooting the hotly anticipated threequel to his presentation film Clerks, Smith appears to be more than aware of the backlash his Masters of the Universe series has garnered. Taking to Twitter, Smith recommended that the film may kill off Brian O’Halloran’s character Dante Hicks in the primary act because his “narrating faculties reveal to me audiences universally love that figure of speech.” Check out the hilarious tweet underneath:

Meanwhile, Smith’s attention is currently solidly fixed on conveying the third passage in his Clerks set of three, returning to his foundations and recording it completely in his old neighborhood of New Jersey. Returning alongside Smith’s own Silent Bob for the film are original stars Jason Mewes (Jay), Jeff Anderson (Randal), Brian O’Halloran (Dante), as well as Ahsoka’s Rosario Dawson who will repeat her job from the sequel, Becky. Shooting on Clerks III is right now set to get underway one week from now.

With his movies often packed to overflowing with self-referential and deprecating humor, Smith is showing that he’s not taking the analysis he’s getting too severely. While he has already indicated that He-Man does surely feature heavily in the second half of the series, he has affirmed he didn’t intentionally decide to incite fans or “upset anybody” and is somewhat baffled by a portion of the accusations being tossed his way. In any case, Smith is no stranger to seeking discussion from fans and is by all accounts taking the backlash in step while chipping away at Clerks III.


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