An explosion has hit the Russian-backed separatist-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. With this blast, it is feared that Russia has started its ‘false flag’ campaign and may attack Ukraine at any time. 

The American apprehension about Russia seems to be proven right. An explosion has occurred in the Russian-backed separatist-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. It is believed that this is the beginning of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘False Flag’ campaign, which has been speculated for a long time. A car bomb exploded near Donetsk’s headquarters late Friday, completely destroying a jeep. This jeep is being told of the head of regional security Denis Sinenkov. 

Russia will be able to attack on this pretext

According to the news of ‘Daily Mail’, the Russian state media was the first to inform about the blast and released the picture. If Western warnings about a false flag operation turn out to be true, it simply means that Vladimir Putin’s army himself blew up the car to claim that Ukraine’s eastern region and its residence were here. Russian citizens are in danger. Using this ‘threat’ as an excuse, Russian soldiers and tanks will be able to cross the border and attack Ukraine.

Ukraine denies the allegation

Separatist leaders alleged that the Ukrainian government was planning an attack. At the same time, Ukraine has denied these allegations. He also urged the international community on Friday to condemn Russia’s provocations in the separatist-held eastern Ukraine. Ukraine said that if this is not done then Russia will worsen this situation. Let us tell you that in both areas of eastern Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia-backed separatists, there are millions of people. Most of these people are Russian speaking. 

What is False Flag Campaign?

A false flag campaign is part of a forced invasion of a country. Under this, a government first gets its own area attacked, then puts the blame on its rival country and attacks it on the pretext of retaliation. Considering the ever-increasing dispute between Russia and Ukraine, many Western countries have expressed apprehensions that Russia may do this.


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