Like Scotch, the word ‘glen’ can no longer be used on any bottle of wine unless it is made in Scotland. The European Court has given this order while ruling in favor of the Scotch Whiskey Association.

A nine-year-old legal battle between the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA) and German distillery Waldhorn over the word ‘Glen’ has ended. The European Court, ruling in favor of SWA, has clarified that the word ‘glen’ can only be used for whiskey made in Scotland. Actually, Waldhorn had named its single malt whiskey ‘Glen Buchenbach’, against which the SWA approached the court.

What is the whole matter?

SWA filed a case in 2013 to prevent German distilleries from using the word ‘glen’ on the labels of their Scotch whiskey bottles. He said that since the word ‘Glen’ refers to a Scottish drink, this move of the German distillery could confuse people. Just as a whiskey cannot be a Scotch unless it is produced in Scotland. Similarly, the word ‘glen’ can now be used on the label of Scotch whiskey only if it is produced in Scotland.

‘National Drink Safety Objective’

Alan Park, SWA’s director of legal affairs, said: “We have taken consistent action to prohibit the use of Scottish words in global markets on alcohol that is unrelated to Scotland. Our efforts are vital to the safety of the National Drink of Scotland and are a lesson to those who wish to take advantage of the quality reputation of Scotch whiskey and potentially mislead consumers.

What does Glen mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Glen’ means a deep, narrow valley in Scotland or Ireland. For this reason the name of most Scottish whiskey begins with ‘Glen’. Some popular examples are The Glenlivet, Glenmorangi and Glenfiddich. This is the reason why the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA) has campaigned to ban the use of ‘glen’ on alcohol made in other countries.

Difference between Whiskey and Scotch Whisky?

Every Scotch can be called a Whiskey, but not every whiskey can be a Scotch Whisky. This is because only whiskey made in Scotland is called Scotch whiskey. Apart from this, a major difference between the two is also in the way they are made. Mango whiskey is made by fermenting grain mash. At the same time, Scotch is a malt whiskey, which is made only from Malted Barley and water. Scotch whiskey tastes better than other whiskeys.


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