Brooke Shields is determined to “change the whole conversation around age”. Brooke Shields wants to change attitudesn. The 57-year-old star has created an online platform called Beginning is Now, and Brooke is keen to keep empowering women of all ages.

Speaking about the approach of her company, Brooke explained: “It’s about this demographic of women really coming into their power and owning it and really taking this period of their lives to pivot in the ways they want to – and that’s in everything with beauty, wellness – all of it.”

Beginning is Now is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and Brooke plans to mark the milestone with “a glass of champagne”. She told PEOPLE: “We are a small but mighty team of women so we’re just gonna probably be together and raise a glass of champagne.”

Brooke has expanded into beauty and wellness since launching the brand in 2021. She said: “I’m just more and more aware of what a privilege it is to be able to exercise self-care and have it be a form of wellness rather than vanity.”

The ‘Pretty Baby’ star insisted she’s not trying to “grow younger”, and she’s encouraged other women to embrace change in their lives. She said: “Yes, my body [and] my skin is different at 57 than it was in my 20s, but that’s not what I’m coveting. I’m not trying to grow younger, I’m trying to grow better and more confident.”

Meanwhile, Brooke previously revealed that she’s “vigilant” about protecting her skin. The actress had a precancerous mole removed from her lip nine years ago, and Brooke believes it is “never too late” to protect her skin.

She said: “That was just a very scary diagnosis and the fact that it had to be actually cut out of my lip is a terrifying situation to find yourself in. That’s when I started incorporating into my daily routine, not just bringing it with me on vacation or in the summer. “You get really frustrated because it’s considered damage and you think, ‘Oh, I’ve already done it,’ but it’s never too late to start protecting your skin.”


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