The craze for social media among children is increasing very fast. This is also having a negative effect on them. In such a situation, it is necessary that new rules should be made for social media companies, so that children can be protected from these effects. 

The trend of internet has increased very fast in today’s life. The biggest reason for this is also people’s use of social media. However, it is also being used on a large scale by children and adolescents, which is affecting them negatively. For this, efforts are made by the parents to rein in it, but it is insufficient. In such a situation, it is necessary that some such rules should be made for social media companies, so that children can be stopped from using it.

America introduced bill

At the same time, America has taken the first step in this episode. In view of the negative impact of social media on children, ‘Kids Online Safety Act-2022’ has been introduced for strictness on social platforms. The bill has been introduced by Republican Party’s Marsha Blackburn and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Blackburn says that the negative impact of social media is having more on children and adolescents. Its tech companies are not worried at all, so it is necessary to crack down.

Hearing was being done on children below the age of 16

Let us tell you that this bill has been introduced by the US Congress after hearing on the effect of social media on children under the age of 16. Blumenthal says that the bill has the support of both parties, so there will be no problem in passing the bill.

Privacy option will be given

According to the bill, social media companies will have to give privacy options to users. Disabling ‘addictive’ features as well as opting out of liking the page or video will have to be provided. At the same time, companies will have to provide such tools in the app, from which parents can know how much time the child has spent on social media. With this, they will be able to save children from the addiction of the app.

Will study on scientific data

Social media companies must share data related to children with educational, research institutions and private researchers. After this, the researchers will be able to use this data to assess the harm social media is having on the mental and physical condition of children.

children have to be aware

Along with this, social media companies will have to work towards preventing harm to children, so that they do not think about drug abuse, suicide etc.

Third party will review the companies

It has also been said in the bill that for how well social media companies are complying with the new rules, for this, a third party will have to be held responsible, who will review the steps taken by these companies. 


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