On ‘Valentine’s Day’ single people feel alone and they are looking for love. To give this feeling, a model is charging seven and a half lakh rupees for a day. 

A model of the erotic site OnlyFans has taken out an offer to give the feeling of love on ‘Valentine’s Day’, for which a day’s charge is seven and a half lakh rupees. The model believes that single people yearn to celebrate this day, so she removes the loneliness of people by taking so much charge. 

Get extra money on Valentine’s Day

According to the news of the Dalily star, model Kiara Lord has revealed that she usually earns extra money every year from ‘Valentine’s Day’. While acknowledging this, he pointed out that there are always a lot of single people inquiring about his services. 

Single people miss their partner on ‘Valentine’s Day’ 

With the most romantic day of the year this time of love can often be a way for couples to share their feelings for each other. In this time, lonely people miss this day a lot and keep looking for options to erase their loneliness on social media. 

‘No need to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day’

Kiara Lord renders her services as an escort. Along with this, she also runs an account of OnlyFans. He told that his demand increases on ‘Valentine’s Day’. People just want to make sure they don’t feel lonely so they’ll buy more videos, Skype sessions, and date time. I think it’s cool that you don’t have to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day.  


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