Samantha Luthwaite, the widowed wife of Jermaine Lindsay, who carried out the 7/7 bombings in London, was named by Interpol as the Most Wanted Criminal in its 2012 list, believed to be hiding in the jungles of Africa. According to a report, Samantha Luthwaite operated Al-Shabaab, a Somali terrorist organization operating in East Africa. She disappeared ten years ago and her family is beginning to think that she is dead. Samantha has four children. Samantha Luthwaite was born in Northern Ireland and lived in England. Irish-born Samantha converted to Islam after her parents’ divorce. After this, during the ongoing fighting in Iraq, when there were demonstrations in London, Then she met Jermaine Lindsay. Due to the good bonding between the two, after some time both of them converted this relationship into marriage. The world’s security agencies believe that she may still be hiding in the dense forests of Somalia or Tanzania.

The media gave the new name to Samantha,
Jermaine Lindsay started working with the Somalia-based terrorist organization Al-Shabaab. After some time, Samantha also joined this organization. In 2005, there was a terrorist attack on a train in London, which took place in an underground train and a bus, in which a total of 26 people died. Jermaine Lindsay was one of the terrorists involved in the terrorist attack and he was also killed in the suicide attack.

When the police raided her house after the attack, Samantha was already present there. During the investigation, a lot of inflammatory items were found in the house and there was also bomb making material. Because Samantha was a black British who had converted to Islam. Being Irish, her complexion was quite fair, so she got the name ‘The White Widow’ in the media.

The mastermind of many terrorist attacks was the
terrorist attack in Mombasa in 2012, in which many football fans were killed. According to intelligence, the mastermind of this attack is said to be Samantha. At the same time, he is also accused of keeping bomb items, weapons in his house in Kenya.

The police of Kenya and Britain, including Interpol, are engaged in the search for Samantha, but till now no one has any news of where Samantha is. According to a rumor in 2014, she was believed to have been killed by a Russian sniper shooter, but this was not confirmed by the intelligence report and it is known that she is still roaming free. In 2015, Samantha was linked to a terrorist attack on a Kenyan university in which 148 people were killed.


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