Chinese spectators furious, led the trend

After the incident, the Chinese started asking questions to the government on the social media platform Vivo there. The post related to #FriendsCensored has been viewed more than 50 million times. But this thing was also exasperated by the Chinese government. He also removed this hashtag from Vivo.

All friends were involved in ‘Friends: The Reunion’

‘Friends’ is quite popular among the Chinese audience. In view of this, some streaming platforms there bought the rights of ‘Friends: The Reunion’. In which a character of the show Rose was talking about his wife Carol’s lesbian relationship. This entire conversation was removed from the show. Apart from this, many other content related to LGBTQ has either been removed or its Chinese translation has been changed to something else. Let us tell you that ‘Friends’ is the story of 6 friends living in New York. The show was also shown in China in 2012-13. But then no such sensor was installed.

Censoring is not new for Dragon

The world may be surprised by this move of China. But nothing new in this for Dragon. There is also a law for this in China. According to this 2016 Chinese law, no topic related to LGBTQ can be shown in a film or TV show there. If you do so, you may have to face the anger of the Chinese government.


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