A case of racist treatment of a woman has come to light in London. An unknown man pulled the hair of a 31-year-old woman while getting off the bus and brutally thrashed her. Police have released the picture to identify the accused. Search is on for this person.

According to police, the incident took place on 18 December 2021 outside East Croydon railway station in south London. When the victim was attacked while getting off the bus. When the woman tried to defend herself during the attack, she suffered serious injuries to her head and face.

According to a report in the Guardian, when the suspect punched the woman in the back of the head, she collapsed. After that he was beaten up.

Constable Becky Hughes of London Police said – The accused kept beating the woman without any reason. I appeal to everyone that if anyone recognizes the person whose picture we have released, then inform the police about him. Our first priority is to tackle violent crime against women and girls.


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