The 49 year old burlesque star has been in a relationship with Adam Rajcevich since 2014 but she insisted she won’t be getting hitched to the 47 year old visual director because her brief union with Marilyn Manson  who she wed in November 2005 but filed for divorce from a year later  has made her feel she doesn’t “feel the need” to walk down the aisle a second time.

She told “I’m not thinking about  at all. I had a big obnoxious wedding and an obnoxious divorce and don’t feel the need to do it again.”Dita  whose real name is Heather Sweet  is very happy with her life and doesn’t view her stage persona as an alter ego.

She said: “I surround myself with friends who are kind, love animals like I do and have a good sense of humour.“And I adore my work, the joy, fun and playfulness of burlesque fused with striptease. But Dita isn’t my alter ego, she’s me, the person I’ve always wanted to be.”

 “I’m as good as ever at what I do and there’s no reason to be afraid of getting older.”However, Dita admitted she isn’t always comfortable in her own skin but she’s learned ways to boost her confidence.She explained: “As for body confidence, it’s not a magical feeling I always have. Like anyone else, when I get into the dressing room, I’m traumatised by the fluorescent lighting overhead.

The raven haired beauty insisted she isn’t worried about getting older.She added: “I observe older women  such as one with pink hair who still snowboards in a bikini  and they show me that age doesn’t matter. I still want to evolve, to make myself more enticing and exciting on stage.

“So to boost my confidence, I use beautiful soft pink spotlights and wear lingerie that makes me feel good.“I love feeling glamorous and sexy. But glamour is a quality that’s accessible to us all. It’s not about age, shape, skin colour, private jets or how much money you have.“You can just as easily create allure with a 99 cent lipstick.”


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