The 73-year-old Black Sabbath star admitted therapy was not an option when he was growing up but it has helped him over the past three years as he has been coping with his Parkinson’s disease, the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery from various operations.

Speaking on Sirius XM’s Ozzy Boneyard Channel, he said: “Over the past three years I have got a therapist. When I was a kid in England, you would not go to a therapist because they’d think you were crazy.

 “Me left to my own devices is always a bad idea. I wake up in the mornings and get a weird feeling, like a cloud of doom over me.”Ozzy also revealed he and his wife Sharon, 69, are quitting Los Angeles.The couple have lived in Beverly Hills for over 25 years but have made the decision to relocate to their Buckinghamshire mansion Welders House because of the rising cost of living in the US.

“It is OK. You ain’t stupid for going to a therapist, but you are stupid not to go if you need them.”And he revealed art has been another outlet that has helped him to cope.Ozzy explained: “Doing my little doodles and drawings is something that I have found that has stopped me in my head from killing me. It gets your head out of your own head.

He said: “We are leaving LA. We are a bit sad. But the tax is getting too much. I am sad because I really really like staying and living there. If they do the taxes better then I may come back. I do not know.“I am taking my recording studio with me. I am going to build a barn there and make my own studio at Welders. I will still be making music and my band will come over.”


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