Google Drive will get a new ‘Block User’ feature soon!

Google Drive

Google Drive is adding the feature enabling all the users to block various accounts from sharing data with them, in a move that is planned to hinder potential harassment and spam on the platform. The feature, which is doing throughout the span of the accompanying fourteen days, in like manner keeps accounts from getting to any data you’ve conferred to them in the past, and kills any of their past data from your drive.

“Drive’s sharing capacities fuel productivity and collaboration, anyway bad actors can abuse tools that are expected to work with data sharing,” Google’s affirmation post says. “That is the reason we are making a way to deal with block various users.” Blocking a person in Drive will similarly hold them back from helping out you across other Google services like Hangouts and Chat.

Google Drive
Image: Google

The search giant announced the new feature in May. It came after a report from Buzzfeed News featured an event where a customer couldn’t take out a typical envelope from a bad ex-partner from their Drive. Since the envelope contained innocuous photographs, Drive’s current “report as abuse” feature wasn’t a legitimate response, and the service’s arrangement made it hard to forever take out the records regardless.

According to Google’s support page, the option to block a customer will appear if you acceptable snap a record they’ve conferred to you in Drive. There’s similarly an option to unblock users later if you modify your point of view. It’s a critical certification that sharing features can easily be abused by bad actors, regardless, when they’re a piece of a service that is anything but an ordinary social network.


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