Justine Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister travels across the country in what appears to be a campaign trail for snap polls that  this year, polling data suggests his Liberal Party could once again end up with a minority government..Canada’s next  federal elections are scheduled for October 2023.

Trudeau’s Liberals currently have 157 seats in the 338-seat parliament, having fallen short of the majority mark of 170 in the 2019 election in which he became PM for a second time, but formed a minority government.

Main opposition Conservatives had won 121 seats  and a  share of the votes  in  2019 polls. Trudeau first became PM in 2015, he had come to power with a majority government, & have  secured 184 seats .

 Which include his handling of the pandemic, administration of Covid-19 vaccines, economic recovery, recent discoveries of unmarked  children at former church school sites, and deaths from an unprecedented heatwave in western Canada.

A new poll from  conducted for the outlet Global News, has concluded that “a Liberal majority is now in doubt given tight races in seat-rich provinces and only a six-point lead nationally”.

Trudeau,  is still in prime position to lead the next government, regardless of the number of seats his party wins if there’s a election.

According to Ipsos, the ruling party has lost 2% support over the last one month, while the Conservatives have gained 4%. Trudeau’s party continue to  lead by 36% support against 30% backing for the Conservatives.

Another recent poll, conducted by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute noted that the  “handling of the pandemic has been a  strength for the Liberal government over the last year and a half. Now, just one-in-five  identify it as a top issue, down from 45% in March”.

 Issues that are taking over voter consciousness include the climate , economic recovery, size of the deficit, and indigenous issues, with the latter picking up “notable traction in recent months”.According to the  ARI survey .

The ARI poll also places the two main parties in a “statistical tie”, with the Liberals at 33% and the Conservatives at 31%.  37% of the electorate is  upset at the fall of  election, 34% is unsure , and just 26% is  happy  with the prospect.


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