Multiple former-USMNT-stars-turned-analysts have spoken up on Twitter as the fallout from the Gregg Berhalter investigation and the role the Reyna family played in it – continues throughout American soccer. It was revealed earlier Wednesday that Claudio and Danielle Reyna leaked information to the USSF about an abusive incident between Gregg Berhalter and his now-wife Rosalinda.

Ex-goalkeeper Tony Meola and former strikers Taylor Twellman, Herculez Gomez, and Stu Holden all used their platforms on Twitter and on their respective networks to share their opinions on the situation which has gripped the US Soccer Federation and its fans.

That revelation led to US Soccer launching an investigation into Berhalter’s behavior as well as incidents of inappropriate behavior directed toward members of the staff. On  SiriusXMFC, Meola blasted Claudio and Danielle Reyna for their actions which ‘crossed a line’ in his eyes. 

I know the repercussions. I love U.S. Soccer. I have always loved the national team. I always loved to play for the national team. When I was a player, I wore the badge with more pride than anyone will ever know. Only I know how proud I was to wear the badge. 

‘This should never happen.  I don’t care that your son was ridiculed. I had my kids go through college, you know how many times I wanted to pick up the phone and go, “coach what the are you doing with my kid?” and I didn’t, because I know the repercussions after. I’m an adult,’ Meola remarked.

‘I became a fan after I was done, and I was proud of the national team. I was proud of where we were going. I was proud of the development we were making in this country. I became a national youth national team coach. I was proud to watch this group of players by the way grow up including Gio Reyna. 

‘That she – and by the way, I’m gonna add Claudio to this – that he crossed the line of a friendship… They completely crossed the line and it’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable. I’m sad to be a US Soccer fan today.’ Twellman spoke on ESPN’s sports-news show ‘Outside the Lines’ and shared his incredulity with host Jeremy Schapp.

‘I’m not really proud of what’s happened today with the national team. I really am not. This saddens me, in a lot of ways. It disgusts me in so many different ways. This should never have came out. Shame on Danielle Reyna to think – knowing what she knows… that she didn’t think this was gonna come out. That she thought that this was just a conversation. 

‘Quite honestly it’s sad, to me. I think in a nutshell, it tells you where U.S. Soccer is, and the state of U.S. Soccer, the fact that we are talking about this. The fact that the Berhalters have to relive this in front of the public and in the public’s eyes. Based on what reasoning? Because he didn’t play his best friend’s son?,’ Twellman wondered. 

‘What are we really talking about here? These are best friends. These are families that grew up together. And we’re talking about what? What? And that’s what I don’t understand how we have gotten to this point. You can disagree with everything that Gregg Berhalter did as a manager, as a coach, I don’t have any issue with that. 

‘But now we’re on Outside the Lines, now we’re on ESPN, now we’re reading reporting that [the Berhalters] felt blackmailed based on something that happened over 30 years ago when they were 18, that his now-said-wife of 25+ years and four kids all have to relive. 

‘I don’t know how we are at this point and we’re not talking about what happened on the field. We’re not talking about that. What’s the point of this? These are best friends. This is saddening to me, Jeremy, that’s the one word I would use. It is extremely sad that we are at this point.’

Twellman was not the only ESPN employee to share his thoughts on the situation. In a thread, former USMNT striker and current ESPN analyst Herculez Gomez posted a thread revealing his thoughts on the situation. 

‘This is wild and extremely sad for all parties involved. Domestic violence, Blackmail claims , Helicopter parents, and just sad telenovela drama between what were a group of two very close friends.

‘Cindy P. Cone, Earnie Stewart and [ex-USMNT striker and current team GM] Brian McBride are on the clock now. .  Can’t dodge these questions forever. Investigation pending. We get it. I don’t see how Gregg Berhalter comes back from this. . More fallout may come out of this yet. He may struggle to find work after this in the US.

‘Gio Reyna will now be unfairly (or fairly for many) judged for his parents actions. He’s still only 20, he made a mistake(s). Rosalind Berhalter doesn’t deserve having this play out for the world to see, for her kids to see.

‘In the midst of this are a pair of families with very young children that now have to live out the past (and current) mistakes (and traumas) of their parents. In a public forum. This trumps 1998.’ 

‘Claudio & Danielle Reyna come off looking terrible in this investigation, but Claudio won’t be impacted by it. At least not work wise w/ Austin FC. No need for a parent of a full national team player to ever have direct contact with federation or team brass. For what?

FOX Soccer analyst and former US striker Stu Holden spoke up as well, saying, ‘Everyone loses here. What an awful and unnecessary mess- all now being played out in the public eye. Damage control everywhere, but it’s too late.’


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