To counter the Russian army, bombs are now being made in a wine factory in Ukraine. The government of Ukraine has urged the countrymen to make Molotov cocktail petrol bombs, after which the company has started work from the company.

Ordinary Ukrainian citizens are also in the field to respond to the Russian Troops causing havoc in Ukraine. The youth have taken up guns in their hands and Ukrainians are also returning from abroad, so that they can support their country in this difficult time. At the same time, the government of Ukraine has urged the countrymen to make Molotov Cocktail Petrol Bomb to counter the Russian army. In view of this, bombs are now being made in the wine company in the main city of Lviv in western Ukraine.

also tell how to use

In response to the Russian army, employees of Pravda Brewery have started making Molotov cocktail bombs instead of beer. Lviv is a historical city in Ukraine, located near the Poland border. The people of this city are afraid that Russian tanks can enter here and destroy it. How is the Molotov Cocktail Petrol Bomb used? The employees of the company are also telling about this.

The company has already made

Speaking on the Molotov cocktail, an employee of the Pravda brewery said that one would have to wait for the clothes to get soaked properly. When it gets wet, then understand that Molotov cocktail is ready. After this the employee put this cloth inside a beer bottle filled with petrol mixture. Yuriy Zastavny, owner of Pravda brewery, said about the Molotov cocktail petrol bomb, “We’re doing it because someone has to.” We have the skills. We went through a road revolution in 2014′.

this is how the idea came 

The owner of the company further said that the idea of ​​making this bomb came to him from an employee. Many of his employees participated in the revolution of the year 2014. Yuriy Zastavny said this in reference to Kyiv’s pro-Western uprising that overthrew the Kremlin-backed regime. He said that then we made Molotov cocktail and even today we are preparing it to protect our country. Significantly, on Thursday, Russia declared war with Ukraine.


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