(Londres) A 35-year-old man who kidnapped tennis player Emma Raducanu and brought her to his London home has been barred from approaching the surprise US Olympic champion for the next five years, a British court announced on Wednesday.

Amrit Magar, a former deliveryman, visited the 19-year-home old’s three times between November and December 2021. He had decorated an arbre and sent her a bouquet of flowers with a card stating that she “deserved love.”

He had also sent a drawing to the British championne to show her the ” 23 miles” (37 kilometres) he had travelled to get to her home in the city’s south-east.

Emma Raducanu had the sensation that her “liberty had been taken away from her” and that she had to “constantly look over her shoulder” to ensure that no one was following her.

M. Magar, who was convicted of harcèlement last month, was given a five-year ban on approaching the championne on Wednesday.

As a result, he has no right to contact Emma Raducanu or her parents, nor to approach her within a mile of her home or to show up at a sporting event where she is competing or training.

According to the prosecutor, tennis player Denise Clewes, who is ranked 12th in the world on the WTA rankings, “apprehends a lot when she goes out” and “her parents are hesitant to let her alone.”

M. Magar was apprehended after the athlete’s father, who had been alerted to his presence by a surveillance camera, saw that he was missing a sports shoe that he had left outside.


M. Magar had told the authorities that Raducanu had “attracted” him “because of his celebrity following his victory at the United States International Games,” and that he had taken the soulier “as a keepsake,” thinking it belonged to the young woman.

Raducanu has had a difficult start to the season on the courts. After being eliminated in the second round of the Australian Internationaux in mid-January, she was unable to complete her rematch on mardi in Guadalajara, Mexico, due to a left hanche injury.


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