Kris Jenner shocked The Kardashians viewers during Thursday’s season two premiere as she admitted she forgot about one of the properties she owns. The 66-year-old businesswoman who has a reported net worth of $170 million was seen giving fans a look inside her Beverly Hills condo before she admitted that she only uses the place for wrapping Christmas gifts and storing Champagne. 

Speaking to Khloe, Kris admitted: ‘This is a cute little place if I must say so myself,’ going on to confess that she uses the pad as her Christmas ‘gift wrapping station’ and ‘Santa’s workshop.’ She was joined by her daughter Khloe Kardashian, 38, on the trip, who mocked her mother for being so rich that she couldn’t remember her property portfolio.Kris later explained in a confessional that she had bought the property to have a base close to  her mother Mary Jo ‘MJ’ Campbell, and cousin Cici Bussey, who live in the area.

With the average sale price for condos in Beverly Hills currently $1.5 million, viewers were left in shock at Kris’ statement as they rushed to Twitter to comment.  ‘I kind of forgot it was there,’ Kris laughed. ‘That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?’Kris and Khloe were then seen peeking inside the fridge, which was largely empty with the exception of several bottles of champagne. ‘In case of emergency, Kris quipped, while Khloe looked on in wonder.

‘I’m watching the new season of #TheKardashians & Kris has a whole extra condo in Beverly Hills & she have the nerve to say ‘ oh yeah I forgot I even had this ‘ girl wtf ppl be having money & be abusing it’; ‘Not Kris forgetting she had a condo in Beverly Hills. I aspire to be that rich!!’; ‘Kris Jenner forgetting she has a condo in Beverly Hills is just.. wow.

Last year, Kris moved into a $20million Hidden Hill mansion next door to her daughter Khloe’s home and unveiled her new property in a housewarming / 66th birthday party.  The star also owns four additional houses: three condos in Calabasas and a £9million mansion in La Quinta, California.

Kris threw open to the doors to her new mansion in season one of The Kardashians for her party, with daughters Kim Kardashian, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were all present, along with some of her closest friends like Ellen DeGeneres and Faye Resnick. After guests were seen arriving at her house for the party, Kris said in confession that she gave herself her best birthday present – her new house.

‘I can’t wait to see everyone tonight and have a wonderful time,’ Kris added in confession. Kourtney saidin confession, ‘My mom’s house is beautiful. I know it’s everything she’s dreamed of,’ as she told her and Travis, ‘It’s a real Tiffany lamp, that I got myself for my birthday.’

Kris showed them the screening room, piano room and bar, with Kourtney adding that she, ‘loves that every room is infused with her personality. She also showed them the gym, while giving her close friend Faye Resnick a glimpse at an entire room for the designer dinnerware sets that she collects.

Khloe went on to point out some of the amazing features of the house, like, ‘the table, the ruffles, the little martini table,’ adding in confession, ‘Living in Kris Jenner world is just absolute fabulousness.’

‘Like being surrounded by absolute opulence and a dirty martini in a crystal glass covered in diamonds… and fabulous s**t everywhere,’ Khloe added in confession.

She went on to remark it was like, ‘sensory overload’ to be in the home, which also includes color-coded fridges for various foods. Kendall was in Miami during the birthday bash, but she came back back home to visit her mother later, with her dog in tow.

‘I feel bad cause I missed my mom’s birthday and I didn’t get to see her brand new house, which I was really excited about because one of my secret passions in life is interior design and architecture,’ Kendall said in confession.

‘She killed it, she really did,’ Kendall added, with Kris telling her she’s been working so much and she still doesn’t know where everything is. Khloe and Kris built their homes next to each other in the Kardashian/Jenner favorite neighborhood of Hidden Hills.

Her home cost $17 million while Kris’ cost $20 million, for a combined total of $37 million, sits on land that used to have one single family home that Britney Spears once rented in 2011 and 2012 for $25,000 a month, per Page Six. 

Khloe’s home was reported to be 10,000 square feet, with an oversized pool and like Kris, a modern farmhouse architectural style, per Variety. Kylie Jenner bought her Holmby Hills home for $36.5 million in summer 2020, while Kourtney Kardashian lives in Calabasas in a home she bought in 2014 for $8.5 million.


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