NASA Shows Beauty of Jupiter’s Moon In a Short Video


When it comes to beautiful images and videos from space, NASA surely excels above all. Most pics and videos shared by the US space agency tend to go viral and attract views from several people around the world. NASA’s space-shuttles have explored several regions of space inside and outside our Galaxy and some are still gathering valuable information from the cosmic entities.

While we can’t have a direct peek at things in space, NASA makes sure to share every now and then a few cool images taken from space. These images are often related to meteor showers, planets, moons, asteroids, cosmic events, etc. NASA is used to posting such images on its social media handles so that people are able to see the beautiful space. Recently, NASA shared a video captured by Juno spacecraft which is presently wandering near Jupiter. We normally see close-up pics of planets, asteroids, and satellites that are nearer to Earth. However, there are a lot of beautiful things in space that begin to reveal themselves when a spacecraft goes far beyond Jupiter and Saturn.

Juno spacecraft has been sending pictures back to Earth since 2016. This time, it gives us first line access to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede! It is the satellite of Jupiter on which ice changes straightforwardly from solid to gas. The video shows Ganymede’s cratered surface. Biggest and brightest pits are effortlessly seen. The video has a length of a few seconds however it revealed took June over 12 hours to catch it completely.


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