A man whose girlfriend was killed in her bedsitting room believed she “would still be alive” if he had stayed together with her on the night of her death, a court has detected.

Wendy Knell, 25, was conjointly sexually mistreated in her direct Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on 23 June 1987.

David Fuller, 67, has admitted to killing her subject to “diminished responsibility”, however denies murder.

A statement from Ms Knell’s boyfriend at the time, Ian Plass, was browse throughout an endeavor at Maidstone Crown Court.

Mr Plass has died since Ms Knell’s death.

Mr Fuller, of Heathfield, county, is additionally unproved for the murder of Caroline Pierce, who died in similar circumstances some months once Ms Knell.

During the gap of his trial it emerged mister Fuller had sexually abused each girls throughout or once their deaths.

He also abused variety of feminine corpses of variable ages at 2 Kent hospitals over a 12-year amount, the court detected.

‘Daily guilt’

It was mister Plass who found Ms Knell’s body, the morning once her death.

The try had spent the previous evening at mister Plass’ mother’s house. He later drove Ms Knell home on his bike, as a result of he had associate degree early begin at work the subsequent day.

They kissed goodnight, and he or she waved him faraway from her structure.

“That was the last time I saw Wendy alive,” he said.

“Not on a daily basis goes by once I do not feel guilty concerning her death. If i might stayed the night she would be alive these days.”
After Ms Knell didn’t present itself to figure as manager at Supasnaps in metropolis Road, her mother known as mister Plass at work and he drove to her flat in Guildford Road.

He didn’t have a key and once ringing her bell, banging on the door and occupation her name, got no answer.

Mr Plass went round the back of the house and climbed on to a furrowed roof and thru a window into her flat, that wasn’t securable, the court detected.

“Once in, I simply stood there,” he said.

“I may see Wendy’s head protruding of the quilt. I stroked her hair and force her quilt back past her shoulders.

“I raised her arm, and opened her eyelids, however she did not move.

“I could not believe she was gone.”

Mr Plass was bolted within the flat. Ms Knell’s keys, with a keyring mister Plass had bought her, were ne’er found.

He climbed back out the window and ran to a close-by station for facilitate.

“I Saturday down and cried my eyes out,” he said.

The try had been designing a visit to Paris along, and Ms Knell had told colleague at work she was “really excited” and therefore the try of them “were reaching to get married”, the court detected.


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