All on-board freedom activities on Dream Cruises’ World Dream ship were stopped and passengers had been asked to stay in their cabins until test results are come and contact tracing was complete ,that the tourism board said.

Singapore’s the tourism board said,  a cruise ship operated by Cruise Lines on a so-called cruise to nowhere had returned to the city-state after a 40-year-old passenger was suspected to have  COVID19.

The tourism board say states,“The passenger was identified as a close contact of a confirmed case on land, and was immediately isolated as part of onboard health protocols” .It said the passenger had teste positive to a Polymerase Chain Reaction test onboard and had been conveyed to hospital for further cnfirm testing. Singapore,  has seen relatively few  COVID-19 cases, launched “round trips” on luxury liners in November, which have no port of call and last only a few days.Such cruises have become popular during the widespread and are restricted to Singapore resident.

Dream Cruises’ World Dream had 1,646 passengers and 1,249 crew members on board and all of them were required to remain in their staterooms with contactless meals sent to them, Dream Cruises, a part of Genting Cruise Lines, said.

The guest suspected of having COVID-19 had tested negative in a mandatory, pre-departure antigen rapid test before the ship set sail for a three-night cruise on Sunday.

The tourism board said, the passenger’s three travelling companions were identified and isolated. They had tested negative for COVID-19 and further contact tracing was being done.The ship left Singapore on Sunday for a four-day cruise, according to a media reports. Passengers said they found out about the suspected case in an announcement at around 1:00 a.m.”We were prepared for the possibility,” said passenger Suryana Ali in an online session with media organised by the operator.

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