She is one of Australia’s biggest influencers. And 21-year-old Mikaela Testa flaunted her sensational curves yet again on Sunday. The brunette took to Instagram to showcase her jaw-dropping figure in a skimpy multi-coloured bikini. The swimsuit left little to the imagination – showcasing her ample cleavage and flat stomach.

Mikaela encouraged her fans to check out her racy Twitter, writing: ‘pls follow me on that app that Elon Musk just brought.’The star later linked to her Gold Coast surgeon, Dr Mitchell Kim, who explained what procedures he had done on her. 

 ‘Mikaela showing off her body contouring perfection,’ he explained. ‘Vaser lipo to her midsection and arms, and a fat transfer to her hip dips to create this jaw dropping silhouette.’ Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound technology to break apart fat cells and loosens them from deeper tissues. It is considered more targeted than more traditional forms of liposuction.    

Mikaela had her Instagram banned due to raunchy content with her boyfriend Atis Paul – who previously begged for it to be reinstated. ‘My girlfriend’s Instagram account has been deleted again. Does anyone here have true connections to someone at Instagram? If you do, please HMU,’ he wrote.

The 21-year-old followed up with a second post that read.‘Please no one message me saying you know someone that’s gotten accounts back, they’re all BS [bulls**t]. Please only HMU if you have a real connection.’  

According to Instagram’s terms of service, accounts that violate the platform’s community guidelines may be permanently banned without warning.There is no way to retrieve an account once it has been permanently banned.

Mikaela, who makes more than $162,000 per month selling X-rated images and videos on OnlyFans, is no stranger to having her social media accounts deactivated.  

In 2020, she was banned from TikTok for breaching ‘multiple community guidelines’.She publicly disputed the ban, telling News Corp she hadn’t done anything wrong. She added she had been unfairly penalised by TikTok’s ‘automatic scanner.


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