General Sherman

General Sherman, an exclusively large tree, aged between 2,300 and 2,700 years old where the other tree in the surroundings of being covered with a fire-resistant blanket to protect it from wildfire. This decision has been made as two major wildfires are about to clash when the tree has been growing for thousands of years.

General Sherman is more than 275 feet tall and approximately 36 feet in diameter and is in danger due to the California wildfire that would continue till the range of Sequoia National Forest.

The Paradise and the Colony fire together is known as KNP Complex are spreading its root wherein ravaging the forest fire in the national forest lands.

The protecting measures that have been brought up for the world’s largest tree, General Sherman and other areas of Sequoias are that the fire-resistant blankets have been put up by the firefighters which give them the look of aluminium foil on its base.

Climate changes are the cause of wildfire and nowadays its frequency has been at a more intense rate. The trees have been adaptive to fire but not the intense fires.

The trees need to been protected and we must do all the needful and also to protect the historic cabins which are on the national parks said Steven Bekkerus, Public Officer at the US service.

The blankets have been proved to be useful as in the past incidents as of the last month the South Lake Tahoe burned, but the ones that were covered with fire-resistant blanket survived the fire and the others were decimated.


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