volcano eruption

Thousands of people have run away from La Palma, an Island in Spain’s Canary as a volcano eruption took place on Sunday after approximately 50 years.

The experts have been found monitoring the Cumbre Vieja volcano for weeks where they came across that the tens of thousands of the small earthquakes came into notice on the Inland’s surface.

The eruption took place before an hour of the 4.2 magnitudes of earthquake took place and the site was under high alert. On Sunday, the volcano spread its root and long lasted for ten hours where the lava destroyed several homes and leaving 5,00 of La Palm’s 85000 population has been left without shelter. Therefore this has been confirmed by the authorities.

Angel Victor Torres, President of Canary Island, on Sunday mentions there would be no new evacuations as the island has faced the worst of the explosions.

The technical committee also mentions that as of now there would be no new eruptions and also confirms at the worst circumstances that they are capable of protecting the homes of people from the lava, where the lava eruption remains unclear.


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