Krypto is a New Delhi based cryptocurrency trading & crypto payment platform that is growing by leaps and bounds in India. It was founded by Vaibhav Vats Shukla (a Sports Agent) and 20 year old wunderkind Lakshminarayanan Bhuvaneswari Shaaran.

Shaaran has been coding since the age of 6, and has been working on blockchain since the age of 15. After working for a number of projects in India & USA including the likes of IBM, Honeywell, Majees, Google, Harvard, etc. he decided to star his entrepreneurial journey at 17 with Celebrify, but immediately switched to his passion Blockchain.

Shaaran came up with an idea of Krypto in Dec 2019 when he was just 19, it was supported by a group of angel investor with pre-seed capital and they immediately started working on Krypto Pay (a Cryptocurrency platform which is accepted all over India)

Unlike other exchanges Krypto allows users to pay with Cryptocurrencies which is a patented tech with the parent company Inventphile Ventures Pvt Ltd.

After working for months he finally launched the platform in 3rd week of February 2021, and started building the business and since February to August, they have built a successful platform with close to 3,00,000+ active users and a overall volume of INR 1500 crores. Shaaran & Vaibhav claims that the simple interface and transparency with customers has been the key to their succes so far and they’ll keep focusing on the same going forward. “The users trust us and we would like to keep serving them in the most efficient manner”, added Vaibhav.

Shaaran wants to change the Fintech landscape with bringing Cryptocurrencies to the mainstream and he believes that there is a lot of potential in Blockchain technology which can have a number of application in bringing transparency & accuracy to almost every field not just tech.


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