Isreal will be spending more than $150 million on Palestinian Authority after the highest-level meeting in years in a week. This step was made right after the meeting where US President Joe Biden urged Isreal PM Naftali Bennet to take care of the lives of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians in Beit Hanoun has been inspecting the damage that has been made due to the Israeli’s bombing on the northern Gaza Strip. This heartbreaking incident took place last week.

As per the Israeli, the attack had been made at two attacks – Hamas militant facility in Gaza. The attack was in response to the balloons that were launched from the Palestine Enclave.

To which, in response, the Israeli’s defence minister announced the series of an act of gestures for the Palestine Authority where it included an agreement to the loan of $155m from western banks which could be repaid by tax funds that the Palestines normally collects from the Israelis.

The talks came into being just after the urge of US President Joe Biden. Therefore it was highly recommended by Palestine as it was a life-saving step for them where it helped them from upburst conditions.

The meeting took place at a time when the Israeli forces continued attacking upon Gaza strip and kept its long year blockage on the territory.


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