The number of latest Covid cases according in European nation has hit another record high of 7,113.

The figure tops the previous high of 6,835 that was recorded on weekday.

It comes as Health Secretary Humza Yousaf warned the NHS was facing a “perfect storm” of pressure.

The latest government figures show a complete of 507 individuals are in hospital with Covid and fifty two are in medical care.
First Minister Nicola sturgeon tweeted: “We area unit seeing a rising curve of cases in Scotland. It’s reassuring that vaccines are preventing the degree of significant health harms that case numbers like this is able to once have caused.

“However, we won’t be complacent and are monitoring carefully. within the in the meantime, please watch out.”

Three council areas – East and West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire – currently have weekly case rates on top of 1,000 per a hundred,000 of population.

People underneath forty are being urged to induce a Covid jab to assist ease the increasing strain on the NHS .

Around 2 thirds of cases are within the under-40 cluster.

About 30 minutes of Covid-related hospital admissions within the last month were conjointly from the same people.

Before the most recent case numbers were free, Humza Yousaf told BBC Scotland the NHS was underneath “severe, severe pressure”, significantly with A&E services and ambulance turnaround.

Among 18 to 29-year-olds, solely seventy four have had a primary dose of the vaccine.

Progress remains slow, with that figure solely rising by one mathematical notation in ten days.

The Scottish government is additionally urging those that have already had a primary dose of vaccine “not to go away the job 0.5 done” and book an appointment or move to a drop-in clinic for their second dose.

The health secretary same disinformation like claims that the vaccine affects fertility or a belief that younger individuals don’t get seriously unwell may be an element within the lower take-up rate among the younger age teams.

He same this high case rates “underline the actual fact that this virus remains a major threat and the importance of obtaining vaccinated can not be underestimated”.

The health secretary added: “Scotland’s vaccination programme has been one amongst the fastest within the world, however it’s clear there area unit some individuals – significantly aged underneath forty – who are offered a second appointment and for no matter reason haven’t yet attended.

“Our message to you is evident. it isn’t too late to induce your vaccine.

“And it remains vital that you just get each doses so as to provide maximum protection against this virus.”


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