The attack took place when a truck with 20 people were returning with approx 20 people.The attackers targeted the port city of Pakistan:Karachi.This happened on Saturday evening, where unfortunately the nation lost its nine people and nine were woubded wounded, As per the Police.

Javed Akhter Riaz, a senior police officer, told us about the number of people present in he bus and from where they were returning and when the attack took place. This such an awful act, such incidents always stays lively and are always remembered.

Five innocent womens, and 4 children were killed which was said by the doctor of pakistan in the main hospital, Qarar Abbasi.

As per the investigation, the attackers threw hand grenades or some explosive device on any one side of the truck,the main reason of the attack is still not in knowledge of the police.

The Karachi’s chief policeman, Imran Yaqub Minhas says with a heart aching with sadness “Act of Terrorism” as Pakistan marked 14th august, Saturday as thier Independance Day.

Summing all the things together, the military aid that this was an exchange of gunfire due to fire on security vehicle, this incident took place in Sharig, Loralai.

There were no such attacks previously except for Baluchistan. Baluchistan has seen many attacks due to independance for mineral and rich-gas provience that bordered Iran and Afghanistan. Th Pakistani Talibans are too the part of t as captured to be present there.


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