Dakota Fanning and Andrew Scott chat with the crew of their new show Ripley during a break from filming their show Ripley on Friday January 21 in Venice, Italy.

According to a plot summary, the drama will follow Tom Ripley, a grifter who is hired by a wealthy businessman to travel to Italy and convince his son to return home.The 27 year old actress and the Fleabag actor are currently in production for the new series, which is based on Patricia Highsmith’s quintet of Tom Ripley novels.

Andrew will star in the title role in the adaptation, while Dakota is playing Marge Sherwood, an American living in Italy who suspects that Tom’s affability hides darker motives.The actress was also seen exploring Venice with some friends a day later. See all the pics in the gallery below!Andrew was photographed in costume on set earlier this month and you can check out the photos here.

The 45 year old actor will star in the show in the title role .Andrew was also seen wearing a clear face shield while walking in the floating city with some co-stars .he also snapped some pics of the sights during the little breaks from filming .

Summary of the series ; “Ripley centers on Tom Ripley , a grifter scrapping by an early 1960s New York .when Tom is hired by a welthy businessman to travel to Italy and try to convince the mans vagabond son to return home ,his acceptance of the job is the first step into a complex life of deceit”.


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