Zambia’s incumbent president has described Thursday’s elections as “not free and fair”.

Early results show President edgar Lungu trailing his main opponent, businessperson Hakainde “HH” Hichilema.

The president same election officers from his party nationalistic Front had been pursued from polling stations, going votes unprotected.

In response, mister Hichilema same the statement was the “desperate final act of AN outgoing administration”.
Mr Lungu, UN agency is seeking a second term, additionally same that violence in provinces wherever he lost votes had rendered “the whole exercise a nullity”.

The party, he added, was considering its next course of action.

Zambia’s electoral commission is nonetheless to retort.

Violence had broken come in Southern province, North Western province and Western Province, the president’s statement same.

Mr Lungu documented the killing of a ultranationalistic Front chairman in North Western province and of another young party activist in clashes earlier this month. once the deaths occurred, the president brought in army reinforcements.

Social media and web access was additionally clean up on weekday. On Fri the state supreme court in Lusaka dominated that access to the net ought to be absolutely renovated.

The results of the election were at the start expected on Fri.

However, the announcement was halted once some party election officers criticised the commission for making an attempt to declare results that hadn’t nonetheless been verified.

A candidate can dispute AN election by filing a petition within the country’s Constitutional Court. This stops the winning candidate from travail govt powers till the petition is detected in court.


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