New photographs from the reboot of The Little Mermaid show Halle Bailey and Jonah Hauer-King together as Ariel and Prince Eric and it appears as though they’re shooting the famous “Kiss the Girl” scene. The exemplary 1989 enlivened film dependent on Hans Christian Anderson’s fantasy is the most recent Disney exemplary to be changed as a true to life film. It will likewise include Melissa McCarthy as the ocean witch Ursula, Javier Bardem as King Triton. Awkwafina, Jacob Tremblay, and Daveed Diggs have been given a role as Ariel’s delightful creature companions Scuttle, Flounder, and Sebastian.

New photographs from the current week’s shooting hint at another notable scene from the film. Acquired by Just Jared, the photos show Bailey and Hauer-King getting on a boat that has been enhanced with foliage and blossoms. The Grown-ish entertainer was wearing an unsettled peach dress with puffy sleeves and her on-screen accomplice wore white pants and a white shirt overlayed with a naval force vest. The photos looked extremely suggestive of The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” number, making fans theorize that the entertainers were recording the noteworthy scene.

In the 1989 vivified film, Sebastian the crab arranged the heartfelt boat ride in the expectations that Prince Eric will kiss Ariel and break Ursula’s revile. He found support from his creature companions to entertain the pair, however Ursula’s companions figured out how to invert the boat not long before the two common a kiss. The infectious melody and extraordinary visuals made the scene one of the film’s most remarkable minutes. While Bailey and Hauer-King’s costumes took after what Ariel and Prince Eric wore in their boat ride, it is intriguing to take note of that Diggs, who plays Sebastian in the change, was absent during the shoot. It is hazy if the entertainer will be shot independently and added into the scenes by means of CGI.

It’s anything but an interesting business to redo an enormously fruitful film, yet Disney intends to proceed with the pattern with The Little Mermaid. While little is thought about the exceptionally expected reboot, set photographs demonstrate that it will hold beloved minutes from the exemplary film and blending them in with current components. This equation has worked for past Disney live-variation films, setting up The Little Mermaid to satisfy fans’ elevated requirements.


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