Baker Mayfield produced a comeback win only possible in Hollywood, and so it was fitting that in his debut for Tinsel Town’s LA Rams Mayfield somehow led them to a victory over Las Vegas. It seemed as if the Raiders had the game tied up, ahead two scores with minutes remaining. Though not to Mayfield who, with the help of his wideouts, delivered a 98-yard game-winning drive with 1:45 left to stun everyone within SoFi Stadium. 

‘Never seen anything like it. I have never seen anything like it,’ said TNF analyst and Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, who has been involved in the league since 1997.Gonzalez inferred it was the greatest performance of Baker Mayfield’s career following the wild 17-16 win.  ‘He’s always had good games but I’ve never seen him play like that,’ he continued. 

‘But when he can play well, he plays really well. And this is why he always keeps getting the chance we talked about about it earlier this week. ‘”Why does he keep getting the second chances?” And I think we just saw why he keeps getting these second chances because we know what he’s capable of doing. 

Mayfield confirmed as much postgame, referencing the uncertainty prior to his trade from Cleveland, and the turbulence once he arrived in Carolina this offseason.  Though he did take a moment to reflect on the more positive outcome. 

‘This is what we want in Baker Mayfield.’Fellow Amazon Prime analysts were equally effusive in their praise for the 2018 No. 1 overall pick.  ‘What a great job for Baker, ’cause Baker’s had a long season. He’s really a long, two years, with this struggle,’ Ryan Fitzpatrick said. 

‘It´s a pretty damn good story,’ Mayfield told reporters. ‘I´ll be honest with you. It’s pretty special… I love to compete. I love this game.’ The Heisman Trophy winner was on the Panthers’ roster less than a week ago, before asking for his release. 

‘I was streaking through the quad in the gymnasium. I was so pumped. I was running down the sideline, just going streaking, I was going crazy.  ‘I mean, unbelievable moment. This is a game we love right, I mean this is the NFL. It’s the greatest reality TV there is.’

By Tuesday, Mayfield was picked up on the waiver wire by the Super Bowl champions – the only team to bid for the once-universally coveted quarterback. Former Ram and panelist, Andrew Whitworth was understandably less contained than his colleagues, both in praise and in celebration, following Mayfield’s magnificence.

The Amazon Prime crew weren’t the only ones staggered by the ending, with many of the league’s players and personalities hailing Mayfield.  Former Oklahoma teammate and Arizona quarterback, Kyler Murray tweeted ‘AHHHHH!!!! LFG @bakermayfield.’

Some of the NFL’s sack masters in J.J. Watt and Calais Campbell shed further light on just how impressive – and difficult – Mayfield’s task was heading into Thursday night.  The reigning world champions all but ended the Las Vegas Raiders’ resurgence and playoff hopes with a soul-crushing defeat that its fans are all too familiar with.  


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