Sir Tom aforesaid Dame was “intimidated by this method into stepping aside”, and “the commissioner felt that, within the interests of Londoners and therefore the Metropolitan Police, she had to ‘step aside’, as a prelude to her ultimate resignation”.

The report found that hall had given Dame Cressida half-hour to create a call.

Sir Tom additionally noted that hours before Dame Cressida proclaimed her resignation, communications between the mayor’s chief of workers and therefore the Met police officer of company services were “unjustifiably politically brutal”.

“For any employee – least of all one thus senior and long-serving – to lean underneath an hour to choose whether or not to resign or to challenge the mayor’s position was entirely unacceptable.”

He represented the timetable “imposed” on the commissioner as “wholly arbitrary”, adding there had been “no reason the commissioner’s position had to be publically resolved in such a brief area of time”, giving her very little time to visit others.

“The civil authority was entirely incapable in interview of explaining why he believed he had to create a public statement on the commissioner’s position on the evening of the ten February, 2022.”


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