Derrickson shared his response on Twitter reacting to Doctor Strange 2 trailer

Derrickson has been steady of Raimi’s takeover of the creation when asked already. Following news that Raimi was in dealings with Marvel Studios to accept directional obligations in February 2020, Derrickson solidly shared his help of the chief. In his tweet, Derrickson thought back with regards to his previous experience working with Raimi, calling him probably the most delightful person that he’d experienced in the entertainment world. Derrickson then, at that point, applauded Raimi as a remarkable individual who was an ideal decision to take the person forward. In spite of withdrawing over the heading that Marvel trusted the film would take, Derrickson is additionally apparently on charming conditions with Marvel Studios, as he expressed in January that he would be available to getting back to the MCU for the third Doctor Strange film.

While Derrickson may no longer have any inclusion in Strange’s further undertakings right now, it is lovely to see him still steady of Raimi’s treatment of the person. Derrickson acquainted the person with a totally different crowd and lay the preparation for ideas in the MCU that would demonstrate essential for the last phases of the Infinity Saga. Seeing Derrickson acclaim Raimi and Marvel Studios’ treatment of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness moves certainty that the forthcoming film and Strange’s future will be met with his endorsement.

Today, Derrickson shared his response on Twitter while reacting to a his fan considerations on the Doctor Strange 2 trailer and regardless of whether he was energized. The chief expressed that he felt the trailer was extraordinary, prior to certifying that he was invigorated. Derrickson then, at that point, adulated Raimi, calling the ghastliness symbol the most ideal decision for Multiverse of Madness, prior to saying how he felt that his takeoff offered him the chance to coordinate Blumhouse’s The Black Phone. Derrickson then, at that point, communicated that everything is great between all parties. Look at his reaction beneath:

In any case, Derrickson left the creation in January 2020 refering to innovative contrasts over the movie’s bearing with the studio. After exchanges that started in February 2020, Raimi joined the creation in April 2020 close by Loki author Michael Waldron, who improved the content. However he no longer contributes to the forthcoming film, Derrickson has shared his contemplations on the most recent trailer.


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