To save Batman from a villain who’s contaminated him with a unique sort of dread poison, Jason Todd just suited up in one of his previous guide’s old Batsuits. In Batman: Urban Legends #6, the Red Hood battles to save the Dark Knight from Cheer and Mr. Freeze, acknowledging he’ll require some assistance to bring down the villains. Wearing one of Batman’s Batsuits, Jason attempts to get Batman a fix before it’s past the point of no return.

In the finale to the Batman and Red Hood story in Batman Urban Legends by Chip Zdarsky, Eber Ferreira, Scott Eaton, Julio Ferreira, Oclair Albert, Marcus To, Adriano Lucas, and Becca Carey, Barbara Gordon guides Jason to one of Batman’s labs. It’s there he tracks down a single counteractant to Cheer’s poison – as there’s only one since Batman was all the while contemplating its belongings. In transit out, Jason acknowledges he needs some insurance against Mr. Freeze and Cheer and gets one of Batman’s Batsuits. At the point when he shows up to save Batman and stop the villains, his boss suit is uncovered.

Jason’s Batsuit looks incredibly cool. It’s the ideal remix of Batman and the Red Hood, as supplanting the cowl with his veil truly gets back the look. Todd would oppose Cheer’s poison and battle close by the Bat-Family to bring the villains down. He would effectively infuse the remedy into Batman, who almost killed Cheer in his increased state. Notwithstanding, the Red Hood managed to work him out of it – which is an incredible person inversion for the two saints.

Eventually, Jason had the option to save Batman because of his new Batsuit and the assistance of his friends. Batman: Urban Legends may have started by underlining the dramatization between the Red Hood and Batman and their various ways to deal with crimefighting, yet the finale showed how significant the two characters are to each other. Indeed, even in the direst circumstances, Jason will help Batman. In this way, maybe, the pair can at long last set their disparities to the side and work together by and by. In addition, any pardon to give the Red Hood his own Batsuit is gladly received.


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