Spilled data purportedly shared by displeased QA analyzers claims Rainbow Six Extraction once had a single-player story crusade that Ubisoft dropped following the coming of COVID. This alleged bit of knowledge came close by an untimely gander at Rainbow Six Extraction’s microtransaction-substantial shop, which QA analyzers uncovered to YouTuber BigfryTV.

One of the additional fascinating subtleties shared in the hole from BigfryTV rotates around Rainbow Six Extraction’s original status as a $40 independent. Purportedly, Ubisoft later chose to develop Extraction, transforming it into a full-estimated game total with a single-player mission and “every one of the extravagant accessories,” as indicated by QA analyzers who talked with the YouTuber. However, the undertaking suffered extensively once COVID hit, the leaker claims. Elements arrived on the cutting room floor and the single-player story dropped off the radar; the valuing model, in any case, won’t ever change. New levels and Operators were tossed in with the general mish-mash, yet the jury’s out on whether the science fiction Rainbow Six section will feel worth the cost of affirmation.

As usual, it’s ideal to think about spilled data while taking other factors into consideration, particularly since there at present exists no corroborating proof to back up the above claims. The in-game shop-related film looks real, however; thusly, there could be some legitimacy to the intel handed-off by BigfryTV. Assuming this is the case, one inquiry remains – since Siege is progressing admirably, is there any valid reason why ubisoft wouldn’t give engineers the additional time important to finish Extraction’s alleged single-player crusade? Maybe the original Quarantine caption wasn’t the solitary part of the new Rainbow Six that hit excessively near and dear after the pandemic?

At the hour of composing, that much remaining parts a mystery. Why Ubisoft hasn’t took in its exercise about shocking in-game buys keeps on bewildering also, particularly while considering the kickback the distributer got for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and AC Valhalla.


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