Evil Dead

Fede Alvarez, overseer of the Evil Dead reboot, has given a status update on a potential sequel to the 2013 horror film. At the point when it was first announced that Sam Raimi’s famous parody horror film planned to be remade for another generation, fans of the franchise were isolated. This wasn’t because the idea was viewed as offensive or sacrilege, rather it was largely because of the fact that Evil Dead fans had been waiting decades for a fourth installment in the series.

Then again, an Evil Dead 2 isn’t totally not feasible – at least that’s what Alvarez revealed during a new meeting with Comicbook.com. Stating that there is “unquestionably” a chance for a development to the 2013 film, Alvarez was also careful not to submit an excessive amount to the idea, in fear of media taking the thought and going for it. However the chance of a sequel is real, it doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon. Read what Alvarez said beneath:

On the off chance that Evil Dead 2 ought to happen inside the following not many years, it will be fascinating to perceive what kind of heading it heads in. As fans of the original Evil Dead are very much aware of, the second film in the series was largely a remake of the first. Thus, whatever course that a possible Evil Dead 2 chose to go in would mark new ground for the whole series.


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