The hotly anticipated, Hulu-bound Hellraiser reboot will adapt Clive Barker’s original story, according to the chief. A fan-favorite horror series about evil presences who blossom with misery and live to dole out pain, Hellraiser has since a long time ago fascinated and sickened audiences for its portrayals of hell and brutality. It has hitherto spawned ten motion pictures, with a reboot in transit from The Night House chief, David Buckner.

In a new meeting with SFX, David Bruckner explained that his vision for the Hellraiser universe would be informed more by Clive Barker’s original novella than past iterations of the series. Nonetheless, Bruckner also noticed that the original film would fill in as an inspiration, alluding to something that would marry the two. Read what Bruckner said about the forthcoming reboot beneath:

There have already been some inconspicuous clues that the Hellraiser reboot might actually move toward a path nearer to The Hellbound Heart. One of the greatest traces of that came with the new talk that actress Odessa A’Ziona may take over the job of Pinhead, returning the character to its original sexual orientation in the content. This could lead to something akin to Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, which similarly mixed congruity and gave audiences a film that filled in as a sequel to The Shining novel, as well as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

At this point, a slight refreshening of coherence may be exactly what the Hellraiser franchise needs to get back to its former wonder. However never a massive film industry draw, the initial two installments in the series have carved out reputations among horror fans as commendable passages in the class. Nonetheless, from Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth and then some, the franchise saw consistent losses as Pinhead developed increasingly nearer to traditional slashers like Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees. Presently, with the series evidently controlling nearer to the source material, fans may see a genuine re-visitation of form for Pinhead and The Cenobites when the Hellraiser reboot comes to Hulu.


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