The village of Nuneham Courtenay, in Oxfordshire, was same to own gone as so much on decree that any youngsters born within the year of the Golden jubilee ought to be christened either jubilee George or jubilee Charlotte (George’s Queen).
In the capital, the day of the celebration was completed with fireworks and luxurious illuminations lighting up the buildings of the square mile.

Despite the grandeur, the days determined to report the festivities in a very reserved British approach, remarking that the “happy event” had been “celebrated by all ranks of individuals during this nice metropolis, during a exceedingly|in a very} manner ought to have an aged and venerable King”.

Taking the throne at the age of eighteen, Victoria celebrated 2 jubilees throughout her protracted reign.

First up was her Golden jubilee in 1887. The Queen had by this time mostly withdrawn from public life, thus it absolutely was seen as some way for her to reconnect with the state.

Celebrated on twentieth of that year, the occasion was initial marked by Victoria in Windsor close to her beloved husband blue blood Albert’s mausoleum. Later, she arrived in London for a banquet at palace.
The following day Victoria joined a procession through London’s streets to Westminster Abbey and later came to the palace, wherever she appeared on the balcony to the flattery of an outsized crowd.


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