An calculable 3.2 million individuals had the virus within the week up two0|to twenty} July, compared to 3.8 million the week before.

Hospital cases are decreasing.

Admissions in England of individuals with Covid stood at 16.3 per 100,000 individuals within the seven days to July twenty four, down from 18.2 the previous week.

There is still millions of Covid around to catch, although the rates are declining, consultants warn.

Over the height:

In the latest ONS report, for the week ending twenty July, the calculable Covid rates were:

One in twenty in England – down from one in seventeen the week before

One in nineteen in Wales – down from one in seventeen

One in sixteen in European country – up from one in twenty (although consultants say the trend is uncertain)

One in nineteen in Scotland – down from one in fifteen.


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