A model has alleged that she was forced into a relationship with the director of her agency in order to get the job. Not only this, he has also said that during a lunch, he was given drugs fraudulently and then he was also raped. 

 An American model has exposed the dark secrets of the glamor industry. Nikki DuBose, one of America’s top models, has alleged that she was forced to have a relationship with the director of her agency in exchange for getting a modeling job. The model said that she stopped getting work when she refused to do so. 

There was also pressure to lose weight

Nikki Dubos was counted among the top models of the glamor industry during the year 2000-2005. She has also appeared on the cover page of magazines like Maxim and Glamor. In a recent interview, the American model explained in detail about the bad experiences of her life. Nikki also said that the agency took advantage of her eating disorder and did not care about her mental-physical health. Nikki alleged that she was pressured to look slim. At one point his weight was only 40 kg.

Rape done by giving drugs

Model Nikki also said that she was given drugs at a lunch event and then raped. Nikki Dubos has also written a book called Washed Away: From Darkness to Light. In the book, he has told that for 17 years he faced many problems including abuse and depression. Many times he also tried suicide. The model said, ‘I was forced to sleep with the director of the agency several times. When I did this, I got the job. But when I didn’t, I stopped getting work. 

‘The modeling industry is harmful’

Nikki called modeling a psychologically harmful industry. She said that at one point she had become addicted to drugs. Many kinds of diseases had caught him. Then slowly he took care of himself. Let us tell you that Nikki left the modeling industry in 2012 after the death of her mother, currently she is the founder of Live ED Free, an eating disorder recovery coaching service. 


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