Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) police chief Simon Byrne same months of coming up with had gone into Saturday’s operation with five hundred officers on duty, largely across Belfast.

“This is slightly distinctive as a result of the traffic disruption over the length of journey, however what we see here nowadays may be a blueprint for what may be a busy summer.

“But we’re very optimistic a few family fun day and a celebration of the past.”
People started gathering at Stormont from regarding 10:00 with speeches starting at hour before of Parliament Buildings.

Addressing the group at Stormont, the Rev Gibson same that “it does not matter what you promise or provide in a united Ireland, it does not matter if a day was the 12th of July”.

“If it is not underneath the flag then count us out,” he said.

“British we have a tendency to are and British we’ll keep.”

However, he warned that the Northern Ireland Protocol, a part of the Brexit trade deal, was a threat to the union.

“No basic amendment to the protocol, then no functioning assembly,” he said.

“Because let me clarify if the protocol isn’t sorted then create no mistake – no mistake – there’ll be no next a hundred years for Northern Ireland.”


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