The Rev Gibson terminated his speech by saying: “And the cry to people who ask for to influence us or push us into a united eire continues to be the same: ‘no surrender’.”

He value-added that he needs to check a Northern Ireland that’s “financially stable, wherever there’s actually equality of chance for all, equality in education, economical|a good} and efficient health service, wherever culture and heritage area unit celebrated and respected”.

Grand Master Edward Stevenson same that unionists “are totally even in not solely commemorative, however with pride celebrating, this anniversary”.

He value-added that “disappointingly however predictably, throughout 2021 there have been people who told USA that there’s nothing to celebrate”.

“Rather than a celebration they repeatedly downplayed the day of remembrance and every one it stood for,” he added.

“Regrettably, even our own UK government did very little – despite abundant encouragement by this organisation et al. – to make sure that the centenary was marked in a very fitting method.”


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