The founder and CEO Jeff Bezos ,of online retail big Amazon and space agency Blue Origin, got one step closer on Monday in catching up to his rival Richard Branson in their spaceflight ambitions.The  Federal Aviation Administration united states said  it  did approve

A Blue Origin license to carry humans on the New  launch system into space sid on Monday.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is set to fly to the edge of space on Blue Origin’s maiden crewed voyage on July 20. 

While Its FAA license is valid through August &  Blue Origin is authorised to carry humans  and is approved to conduct these missions from its Launch Site One facility in Texas, the agency confirmed.

Blue Origin was required to verify its launch vehicle’s hardware and software worked safely during a test flight & the FAA confirmed it met regulatory requirements.

Blue Origin’s flight will come a little over a week after space-tourism rival Virgin Galactic successfully sent a crew including its founder, British billionaire Richard Branson, to the edge of space.


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