The music industry is flourishing because of young producers like Ashwin Golani, who focus on always bringing something new to the table.

To dream about something and to put enough effort and hard work into turning the same into a beautiful reality are two different things. Many do not gather enough courage to believe in their dreams, but some others, without thinking about what could be the results, directly get into their chosen industries to start working from a very early age, to build that momentum and create a success story of their choice. Ashwin Golani effortlessly belongs to the latter category as a young Indian producer of the music industry, who is riding high on success at 20 years of age, thanks to his exemplary skills and talents that exude perfection.

Do you think being a 20-year-old, the road to success was all easy for him? Let us tell you that Ashwin Golani is amongst those individuals who have never waited for the right opportunities, instead have gone deep into the music world to create new opportunities for himself. “I was fascinated to be a part of the music industry and was also aware how intimidating it could get if not done right. However, my love for music and the visions I had for producing songs that could strike a chord with listeners inspired me to keep moving on my path,” says the now-famous producer from Gujarat.

Born in 2001 and hailing from Palanpur, Gujarat, little did he know that his visions one day would get transformed into reality in the form of songs he has produced so far. Some of the hits he has given include “Kuch Door” in the vocals of MiLLie & Manraj Veer, co-produced by him from the album “Business Only”, “Murder” ( and “Jee Le Chal” ( All these songs and the amount of craze and fan following it has garnered so far prove Ashwin Golani’s sheer grit, honesty and talents as a young producer.

Even after achieving so much at 20 years of age, Ashwin Golani leaves no stone unturned to learn new things and look out for producing many more tracks to connect with the audience. 

Do follow him on Instagram @ashwingolani_ to know more.


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