A ritzy San Francisco condo tower is now leaning 26 inches and is expected to tilt by a further three inches annually after work is done to stabilize it ended up worsening the problem. A few month ago , the Millennium Tower  a high-end condo tower that opened in the earthquake-prone city in 2009 and sold units for millions of dollars was only leaning 22 inches.

However, the 58-story, 645-foot tall building is now leaning 26 inches after stabilization work to help stop the sinking was halted because the removal of earth to add stabilizing piles was worsening its slant.

 The building has already sunk 17 to 18 inches. It was only originally estimated to sink 5.5 inches by 2028, although engineers insist there is no danger of it collapsing, and residents can continue to live in its luxurious apartments. 

This  summer, stabilization work was halted after the holes for the support beams were determined to be too big and had cause soil movementResidents were first informed of the sinking in 2016, and launched a flurry of lawsuits, one of which resulted in the currently-paused remedial work.  

The building’s well-off residents include former San Francisco 49er Joe Montana, Giants outfielder Hunter Pence and venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who died shortly after selling his penthouse for $13million in 2016.

In 2016, the geotechnical engineer leading the investigation, Pat Shires, suspected the building could sink between 24 to 31 inches. The ritzy building is 58 stories high and is 645 feet tall It comes with a pool, spa, in-house cinema, and a restaurant. The glossy, 58-story, all-glass building, located at 301 Mission Street, was completed in 2009 and is the tallest residential building in the city.

Former venture capitalist Tom Perkins bought his apartment for $9.4 million, and sold it for $13 million in 2016. But he spent $9 million on renovating it, and would likely have recouped more of that sum had the tower not suffered its well-publicized lean.He died in June 2016.  A resident on the 38th floor later reported a window fissure.


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