Surgery-addicted model Mary Magdalene has started a GoFundMe to pay for her staggering ‘damage and cleaning’ bill after she allegedly trashed her Airbnb rental. The Canadian social media star, 30, spent three weeks holed up in the West Hollywood apartment partying with her friends, but insists the charge is excessive.

The owner of the rental, known as Adrian, billed Mary CA$13,010 (AU$14,636) last week for ‘damage or unexpected cleaning’ after she checked out. Despite initially disputing the hefty reimbursement bill, Mary is now accepting her fate and has asked her fans to help with CA$6,500 (AU$7,322) worth of costs.   

She went on to explain it was her birthday weekend and she was on a ‘three-week-long bender’ and ‘tried her best to keep the apartment in good condition’. ‘I feel bad because the host was nice to me, although I do feel I could have gotten the stain out if the couch because the maid I hired did before,’ she added.

‘So I do not feel this is totally fair, but I do feel bad because he did end up getting kicked out so I would like to pay him [sic].’ She explained her guests had offered no assistance, but she wasn’t mad at them.

‘If you can help pay I would love it, but if you think this is a dumb campaign and rather not, I also don’t blame you. Anyways, thank you to those who don’t mind contributing,’ she concluded.

Days before receiving the Airbnb bill, Mary said she was ready to return to Canada and start her journey of sobriety following her month-long Hollywood carousal. ‘It’s been wild as hell. Can’t wait to go home in a couple days. No more partying. Back to being boring Mary sober queen,’ she wrote on Instagram.

She later tried a different approach by asking each of her 142,000 Instagram followers to donate $1 to the fund. The OnlyFans star certainly seems to have changed her tune since last week, when she complained he $13,000 bill was ‘so fake and wrong’. Mary’s GoFundMe has raised $555 as of Wednesday afternoon (AEST).

She also posted a meme promoting celibacy, calling it ‘a beautiful thing’. Following a string of benders and even a brush with death, Los Angeles police were finally called to Mary’s Airbnb after weeks of partying.

She shared photos on Instagram of two police officers inside the residence, who were responding to a request for a welfare check. In one photo, an officer could be seen inspecting something by Mary’s bedside table with a flashlight.

Hours later, Mary appeared to be in good spirits as she took to Instagram to share a video thanking her 140,000 followers. ‘My supporters, you guys are very ride or die. The people that f**k with me really f**k with me and I love it, really appreciate it,’ she said.

Mary has spent the last few weeks partying at various nightclubs in West Hollywood, or inside her Airbnb with pals. Last week, she expressed her love for law and order by posing for a photo with a group of local cops.

Dressed in an American flag bikini top and skintight jeans, she captioned it: ‘I love police. Cop lover.’ It comes after Mary was rushed to hospital amid fears she could die from sepsis after illegal silicone injections she had in her buttocks started to ‘rot’.

Earlier this month, she begged her Instagram followers to help get her to a California hospital after her body started to reject her silicone injections, which she had done by an unlicensed practitioner in May.

In a series of frantic posts, she said her injections were ‘rotting’ and shared graphic photos of the open wounds on her backside. Fresh tattoos on her breasts also became infected and couldn’t heal, further adding to her health woes.

‘I’m so scared. My body seems to be fighting off a big infection because all three of my tattoos aren’t healing either. They are all infected with open wounds,’ she cried. ‘I’m in a different country [the U.S.] and I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless.’ 

She wrote in a subsequent post: ‘Please let me know [a] good wound care clinic in Los Angeles. That sounds like the most logical idea right now, instead of any random walk-in clinic or hospital.’

A pale-looking Mary later broke down in tears on Instagram Live as she told fans her wounds were bleeding and she didn’t know what to do. Fans begged her to go to the emergency room to ‘avoid sepsis’ and not worry about the cost of American medical care.

She eventually made her way to hospital and spent the night being treated, before being prescribed antibiotics. It comes after Mary was rushed to hospital amid fears she could die from sepsis after illegal silicone injections she had in her buttocks started to rot

Her wounds appear to be healing now, and the viral star has resumed partying. The heavily injected and tattooed model had her first cosmetic procedure at age 21. Since then, she has had multiple boob and nose jobs, butt lifts and injections, as well as a brow lift, fat transfers, veneers, liposuction and more.

In 2018, Mary almost died on the operating table during an operation to ‘inflate’ her vagina in Colombia. ‘I had to get two blood transfusions,’ she told The Sun of the harrowing ordeal.

‘The doctor said I was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.’ The star said she wanted the look so she could have ‘the world’s fattest vagina’.

‘So basically there’s this contraption that you use and it sucks your p***y and then it makes it very inflated, so I told the doctor that I just want it permanently to look like that,’ she told the No Jumper podcast.


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