Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet), a society editorialist for The Daily Telegraph in London, still loves her ex-boyfriend, jasper Bloom (Rufus Sewell), despite the very fact that he cheated on her and is showing emotion destitute. She is ravaged to discover he is engaged and decides to induce away for the vacations.

Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz), a promo producer in la, breaks up together with her film musician boyfriend, Ethan (Edward Burns), once he admits to cheating on her. She comes across Iris’ listing of her bungalow on a home swap web site and messages her. They comply with switch homes for two weeks starting beginning day.

Iris has no bother settling into Amanda’s giant house, however Amanda decides she has created a slip and plans to come home future day. That night, Iris’ handsome book editor brother, Graham (Jude Law), drops by once drinking an excessive amount of at the native pub and asks to pay the night. Amanda agrees and once they talk Graham unexpectedly kisses her on the lips, Amanda suggests they need sex since she doesn’t expect to ascertain him ever again. subsequent morning, despite having enjoyed defrayment the night along, they’re going their separate ways. That evening Graham meets friends at the pub for dinner and sees Amanda there, having determined to remain.

Iris meets Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), Amanda’s aged neighbor and an Oscar-winning scriptwriter from the Golden Age of Film. Over dinner, Iris tells him concerning her troubles with jasper, and Arthur provides her a protracted list of flicks with sturdy feminine characters to observe therefore she will become “the actress of her own life.” Iris convinces Arthur to be the keynote speaker at a Writers society of America West gala and exercises with him therefore he will walk on stage while not his walker. She conjointly befriends Miles (Jack Black), a colleague of Ethan’s who is geological dating aspiring dating Maggie (Shannyn Sossamon). whereas at the video store trying to find one among the flicks on Arthur’s list, Miles catches Maggie with another man. Iris explains her troubles with jasper and that they have dinner along to bring every other’s spirits up for Christmas Eve.

Amanda parades to Graham, telling him she has not cried since her oldsters single once she was fifteen. She surprises him at his house and discovers he’s a man with 2 young daughters. He explains that he unbroken his daughters a secret as a result of compartmentalizing his life helps him upset the overwhelming responsibility of being one operating father and since he doesn’t need to bring a lady into the girls’ lives unless he’s certain the connection includes a future. they start to suppose their relationship is additional sophisticated than they will handle.

On the day of the screenwriter’s gala, Maggie asks Miles to require her back, however he refuses. jasper surprises Iris by occurrence at Amanda’s house, but Iris, drawing on the instance of the ladies from Arthur’s films, kicks him out. At the gala, Arthur succeeds in walking onstage unassisted and Miles asks Iris out on a date for brand new Year’s Eve. She agrees and kisses him. Meanwhile, Graham tells Amanda he has fallen infatuated together with her and whereas she doesn’t come the sentiment, they comply with try and create a long-distance relationship work. whereas heading to the flying field, Amanda breaks down crying. She runs back to the bungalow and she or he and Graham create plans to pay new year’s Eve in conjunction with his daughters.

On new year’s Eve, Iris, Amanda, Graham, Miles and Graham’s daughters all merrily celebrate at Graham’s house.


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