In 1986, Saroo, a five-year-old boy, lives together with his elder brother Guddu, his mother and his younger baby sister in Khandwa, India. Guddu and Saroo steal coal from freight trains to trade for milk and food. One night Saroo pesters his brother who goes to figure overnight to let him return too. Guddu refuses initially nevertheless finally relents, and that they hit a close-by railway station wherever Saroo is just too tired to remain awake. Guddu places Saroo on a bench and tells him to attend for his come back. Saroo promptly falls asleep and once he wakes up Guddu isn’t there. Saroo searches the station for Guddu and gets on an empty train trying to find him. There he falls asleep once more in one in all the compartments, solely to awake someday later to search out the train in motion and therefore the doors bolted. after many days the train arrives in faraway urban center wherever 5-year-old Saroo doesn’t perceive the native Bengali language. He stands at a price ticket counter and tries to get a ticket home, however the attendant doesn’t recognise the name of his village, that Saroo says is “Ganestalay”.He spends the night within the station with some street kids, however is then woken up and made to run once a bunch of men attempt to abduct them.

Saroo continues to wander round the town before envisioning Noor, a ostensibly friendly lady who takes him back to her housing. She tells Saroo that a person named rama can facilitate him realize his method home. Saroo runs away, sensing that Noor and rama have sinister intentions, and escapes Noor when she chases after him. after two months of living close to the Howrah Bridge, Saroo is taken to the police by a young man. Unable to trace his family, they place him in an orphanage. 3 months later, Saroo is introduced to Mrs. Sood, who tells him she has placed a billboard concerning him in many native newspapers, however nobody has responded. She then tells him that an Australian couple is inquisitive about adopting him. She begins to show Saroo Basic English and he moves to Hobart, Tasmania in 1987, below the care of Sue and John Brierley, wherever he slowly starts to settle into his new adopted way.

Twenty years later Saroo is currently a young man who moves to Melbourne to check edifice management. He starts a relationship with lucy, an yankee student. throughout a meal with some Indian friends at their home, he comes across jalebi, a delicacy he remembers from his childhood. Saroo reveals that he’s not from urban center which he has been lost for quite twenty years, and his friends recommend he use Google Earth to go looking for his town in india. Saroo commences his search, however over time disconnects from lucy, engulfed by the thought of emotions his family should have suffered once he was missing.

Saroo visits his adoptive mom, Sue, whose health is deteriorating, and learns that she isn’t unfruitful, however had chosen to assist others in want through adoption, basic cognitive process that there have been already too many folks on Earth. once adaptive with Australopithecus afarensis, Saroo spends an extended time looking unprofitably for his town. One evening, whereas scanning Google Earth he notices the rock formations wherever his mother worked and so finds the world wherever he lived: the Ganesa Talai neighbourhood of the Khandwa district. He finally tells his adoptive mother concerning his search and he or she totally supports his efforts.

Saroo returns to his town and with the assistance of an area English speaker, has an emotional reunion together with his biological mother and sister. He additionally learns the fate of his brother Guddu, who was hit and killed by an oncoming train the night of his separation. Saroo’s mother never gave up hope nor touched away from the village as she believed that at some point her missing son would come back home. The film ends with captions concerning the real Saroo’s come back to india in February 2012. Photos of the real Australian family ar shown, further as footage of Saroo introducing Sue to his biological mother in india, who deeply appreciates Sue’s take care of her son. Saroo later learned that he had been mispronouncing his own name for all those years, that was truly Sheru, which means “lion”.


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