The late monarch met the former First Lady  who was married to President John F. Kennedy until his death in 1963 and died herself in 1994  when she attended a formal lunch with her back in 1962 and now former U.S. Secret Service agent Clint Hill has noted how “impressed” Jackie was at the time.

According  to a biographer ,Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy were more alike than we thought.Meanwhile, biographer Pamela Keogh explained that both Queen  who passed away on Thursday (08.09.22) at the age of 96 following a 70-year reign  and Jackie had a “deep sense of history” and were “shy women” who found themselves on the world stage.

He said: “She was impressed by the Queen. It was a private lunch at Buckingham Palace. I went in as far as the door. We had an understanding with Scotland Yard not to go in. Mrs. Kennedy was very pleased by how it had gone. The Queen was extremely hospitable, and she enjoyed spending time with her. “

She told PEOPLE: “They had a deep sense of history and were both essentially shy women who were put on the world stage and both rose to the occasion admirably. Like the Queen, Jackie knew how to exercise soft power to get things done, and I don’t think we should underestimate the fact they both loved horses.”

Prior to her death in 1994 at the age of 64, Jackie claimed that the Queen was “so kind” to have invited her for lunch but remained tightlipped about the event itself. She said: “Her Majesty was so kind to have me there. I don’t think I should say anything about it except for how grateful I am and how charming she was “.


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