Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac has raised eyebrows with his recent social media photo. The 40-year-old TV personality gave fans more than they bargained for when he slipped into a pair of very tight stockings while doing his weather segment on the show with the Queensland Ballet. 

Even his Channel 7 colleagues poked fun at his look, with Sunrise’s Matt Doran writing: ‘I didn’t know it was possible to be offended in so many unique and powerful ways.’‘Sam is that where you keep your spare Vegemite scrolls????’ a fan also joked.

‘My eyes are up here,’ he joked in the caption.The post prompted eagle-eyed fans to notice his ‘bulge’ .‘Bulge like no one is watching,’ another user added, while another joked, ‘Coupla spare scrolls. Everyone’s zoomed in…let’s be honest!’

The scroll jokes come after Sam surprised his pregnant partner with a gift at her baby shower.In a video shared to his TikTok page, Sam took some hilarious swipes at Bec during his speech. ‘I don’t want to criticise, but if there’s one thing, she’s been very lazy. Not been able to lift anything heavy,’ he said.

Sam shared a sweet image of Rebecca holding an ultrasound to her stomach, saying the pair were absolutely delighted with the pregnancy. ‘Wowsers! Mini Mac coming soon. Bec just can’t wipe the joy off her face,’ Sam wrote.

He then told her that he’d been planning with Baker’s Delight to prepare for her the ‘world’s largest’ cheesymite scroll.Baker’s Delight said that the scroll was approximately 38cm wide by 25cm high. Sam and Rebecca announced they’re expecting their first child together in May.

Rebecca added: ‘Well this escalated. See you in September baby Mac’. Sam and Rebecca first went public in March last year, and spent much of their relationship in different states due to the Covid pandemic. Sam and Rebecca announced they’re expecting their first child together in May. 


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